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Docutain.SDK.iOS Version 1.5.22


  • Added new functionality to export the currently scanned document as image (JPG) files. See image export for more details
  • Added new property autoCapture to DocumentScannerConfiguration to be able to switch between manual and automatic document capture
  • Added new property defaultScanFilter to DocumentScannerConfiguration to be able to set the default scan filter according to one's needs

Breaking Changes

  • Moved DocutainSDK.pageCount() to Document.pageCount()

Docutain.SDK.iOS Version 1.5.18


  • Added support for arm64 simulator

Bug fixes

  • Fixed that scanner could not be presented when rootviewcontroller already presents another viewcontroller
  • Fixed navigationbar items not changing color when dark mode changes at runtime

Docutain.SDK.iOS Version 1.5.14

Bug fixes

  • Fixed camera not autofocusing on some devices
  • Fixed iOS simulator constantly increasing memory