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PDF Creation

The Docutain SDK for Xamarin comes with the ability to create searchable and non-searchable PDF documents either from a scanned document with Docutain's Scanner SDK or imported file.


Initialize the Docutain Xamarin SDK as described here.

Create a PDF

using Docutain.SDK.Xamarin.Forms;

// ...
// scan or import file
// ...

var destinationPath = FileSystem.CacheDirectory + "/TestPDF.pdf";
var pdfFile = Document.WritePDF(destinationPath);
if(pdfFile != null)
//do something with the generated pdf file
//error occured
var error = DocutainSDK.LastError;

You can specify the PDF page format by providing the appropriate value

var pdfFile = Document.WritePDF(destinationPath, true, PDFPageFormat.A4);