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SDK Initialization

License Key

The Docutain SDK for .NET MAUI needs a valid, non-expired license key in order to work. The license is bound to the ApplicationId which you can find in the project settings.

NuGet package

Trial license

The Docutain SDK is a commercial product and requires a paid license for production use. In order to get a trial license, please visit our website via to generate a trial license key.

Production license

To get information about the SDK's functionality and pricing and to purchase a production license, please contact us.

Initialize the SDK

In order to use any functionality of the SDK, you must initialize it first. Add the following code to your App constructor:

using Docutain.SDK.MAUI;

public partial class App : Application
public App()
//init of Docutain SDK failed, get the last error message
var error = DocutainSDK.LastError;
//your logic to deactivate access to SDK functionality
MainPage = new MainPage();

If the initialization fails, you are responsible to deactivate access to SDK functionality.


The SDK writes certain information into a log file. You can get the log file by calling Logger.TraceFile. You can send this log file to us if you have any issues/bugs with the SDK. The Logger has certain levels that you can set depending on your needs. However, we suggest to leave the level to it's default value which ensures that in case of any issues/bugs we can get all the information we need from you.

//get the log file
var logFile = Logger.TraceFile;

//set the log level

Depending on the log level, some temporary files get written. These files, if any, will be deleted everytime the SDK starts, so you don't need to worry about spamming the files dir.

If you like, you can delete these files manually by using DocutainSDK.DeleteTempFiles().